CallerID and DID in South Africa

Hi all

I have installed a TDM400P card in my system with 4 FXO ports. I have CallerID enabled on the line and have checked it with a modem. I get the following from the modem







My problem is Asterisk identifies the Calling number correctly as 0833005600 but the called number is shown as 0833005600 and not 0117060903.

I have edited zapata.conf and added loadzone=za and defaultzone=za but this does not help.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Het jy callerid=asreceived in jou zapata.conf? Andersins maak seker dat jy nie perongeluk die ${EXTEN} vervang met die ${CALLERIDNUM} in jou extension.conf nie. Kan jy die resultaat hier pos van wat jy gevind het wat wys dat die nommer verkeerd is?

Do you have callerid=asrecieved in the zapata.conf? Also make sure that you haven’t overriden the ${EXTEN} with the ${CALLERIDNUM} in you extensions.conf. Can you post your finding here that shows that the number is wrong?


I do have callerid=asreceived set. Actually the problem is not really with CallerID but rather DID. ie the number that was dialled. If I check the Call Details Reports I see the following

 Calldate                     Channel       Source          Clid       Dst.....
  1. 1006-05-11 19:10:16 Zap/1-1… 0833005600 0833005600 9001

The problem is the Source should be 0117060903 and the Clid should be 0833005600

What version of Asterisk are you running? It seems like it is a problem of how it gets written to the CDR file. Is it the same in both the CDR and CDR-custom file?

I got the following reply regarding my query to Digium.

Digium’s analog cards do not support DID trunking. While the cards themselves MIGHT be capable of this, the code has not been written to correctly interpret the DID signals.

Seems a little strange as the DID number is part of the Caller ID data sent after the first ring. Date and Time are also there which is q nice feature.