Caller ID send?

Is it possible to have a callerID sent out as soon as someone enters an extension.

Example being; someone calls into a main menu, they choose an extension that takes them to a wav file and then terminates the call. I want to have the caller ID emailed out to me so I know who called in to hear the wav file.


Iā€™m also very new to Asterisk and Linux, so use small words :smile:


Use the function ${CALLERID(num)}

Thanks, what would that look like in the actual line of code? Where would I stick the email address I wanted it to go to?

With the ${CALLERID(num)} you will get the CallerID number of the call. When you have this information, you can call an external Bash script with the System() application. The external Bash script takes care of the e-mail sending.

This situation calls for some custom scripting on Linux and Asterisk side.