Asterisk-P2P Trunk-"Asterisk" in Outbound Caller ID


I have installed Asterisk 1.8 with Asterisk GUI 2.0 on Centos 5.7.

I have configured one Peer-to-Peer SIP Trunk (No Username and Password, only Hostname) through GUI. I have less knowledge of Asterisk Config file and Dial Plan. I want to send Extension Number as Caller ID when any extension makes outgoing call using this Trunk.

But when i make outgoing call from the Extension using this trunk, Asterisk sends “Asterisk” in “From” header of INVITE message.

When i execute “sip show settings” command in Asterisk CLI, it displays “Asterisk” in “Caller ID” field. I don’t know where to change so that i can send Extension Number in Caller ID.

Please help me… Thanks in advance


sip.conf section for the “extension”, unless the phone itself can be made to set it.

This is the wrong forum for support questions. For the base Asterisk, you should use Asterisk Support. For an Asterisk GUI, you should use a forum for that GUI.