Caller ID on UK Line with X100P Card


I wonder if someone could give me a little nudge in the right direction. I’ve run an Elastix box for a good few years now with an X100P card as my connection to the outside world. I have recently reinstalled my box to the latest and greatest, and Zap has been replaced with DAHDI. Previously I had applied the Use History patch to enable my card to detect UK caller ID. This has worked flawlessly ever since I applied the patch.

I’ve tried to use the new patch files from here ( … n+X100P+SE) but I can’t seem to get them to patch the source code. I get an error about a malformed patch, and I’m a bit stumped as what to do next. Does anyone know of a guide similar to the old Zaptel guide on how to apply the new patch for DAHDI or has anyone else managed to get it to work and could give me some guidance?

Anything would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,