Outbound Caller ID on attended transfer instead extension

I’m using Asterisk 18.12.
My PJSIP extension has configured (Set(CALLERID(all)=XXXXXXXX)) a geographic number for the external calls.
When I call an external number, using a PJSIP trunk, and get an answer then I use atxfer code (*2) to make an attended transfer to another extension.
The call that rings at this extension has the geographic number as Caller ID and not the number of my extension.
The problem is that by presenting myself with the geographic number internally when I make a transfer, the other extensions do not understand that it is an internal call.

Is there any configuration to do that I got lost or missed?

Many people prefer that behaviour.

If you are using SIP phones, a native SIP transfer will present the transferor’s number, as Asterisk will not know that the call is going to be a transfer, at that stage.

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