Caller ID lost after Call Forwarding

I need to do a call forward to one of our technicians, but when I do that the original caller ID is replaced with our main number, what can I do to send the original phone number. Any help will be apreciated

Talk to your service provider. You will probably have to provide a list of numbers that you can present as caller ID and they will probably need to verify that you control those numbers.

If you don’t control the numbers, provide them as a voice announcement when the callee answers.

(Unforutunately too many service providers do allow arbitrary caller ID, which is why there are too many fraudulent calls initiated via VoIP.

The other issue with call forwarding is that the outgoing leg is typically set up before Asterisk knows that a call is being forwared. If every supporst connected number updates, that might get fixed when the final transfer happens, but I doubt there is good support on public networks.

Thanks you’re very helpful


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