Caller id displayed as 'Anonymous' for inbound calls. FREEPBX

can anyone help me sort out this issue…am not able to view the inbound caller id number routed to freepbx…

i have registered an extension in Xlite soft phone but Caller id displayed as ‘Anonymous’ for inbound calls.

We do not provide support for FreePBX. Peer support is provide at

Having said that, it sounds like the upstream system isn’t providing a caller ID. You should obtain protocol logging from the channel driver handling the incoming call to see if and how it is sending caller ID.

Please note that not everyone uses SIP and there are two different SIP channel drivers, so don’t assume that everyone knows how the calls are arriving.

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SIP trace please show us the from header or the Remote - Party - Id . header header of the incoming INVITE also make sure if using you have the correct setting for caller id display