Caller back to Queue

Hello everybody,

i set up successfully a freepbx.
we are using queues with ringgroups, no agent login.
sometimes a agent have to put the caller back to the queue.

at the moment he is using blind transfer and typing the number of the queue into the phone.

i created a macro *111 which starts a call to the queue number.
all queues have the same structure of name for example “120 Customer XYZ”.
so i take the first 3 characters of CALLERID(name) … now i’ve got the destination number.
The agent press the hotkey on phone (*111) and the customer and agent hear ringing/moh of the queue.
now the agent have to hangup.



[macro-gabtel-queue-blindtransfer] exten => s,1,NoOp(Call will be transfered to ${CALLERID(name):0:3}) exten => s,n,Dial(LOCAL/${CALLERID(name):0:3}@from-internal)

i only want that the agent don’t have to hangup himself … any ideas?

thanks and regards