CallBack Application: Suggestions Please

Dear Asterisk Comunity,
I’m thinking about developing a callback application based on the following scenario:

  1. Customer Calls the outgoing number which is a PSTN line connected to my Zap channel
  2. Asterisk captures the Caller ID and calls back the customer.
  3. As soon as the customer picks up the phone, asterisk plays a promt to enter the Destination number.
  4. Asterisk Connects the Outgoing number through another channel (SIP/IAX/ZAP) and bridges the call.
  5. After the completion, I should see the Disconnect Reason and the Duration for each leg of the call.

The first two steps are quite evident.
Now the trick comes on step 3. How to Dial out a number and listen for DTMF tones? After this, maybe park the call, or send it to conference room, then create the second leg of the call, then bridge the call…
Do you think Asterisk reached to a level whereas it is possible to achieve the solution?
Thanks for your suggestions.


there are many examples of such dialplans already written. Google and I suspect you will find them.


Thanks for the reply.
I guess DISA() functions on the incoming call only, that is when customer calls to the system and connects. Instead I need the Asterisk itself initiate the call and offer to enter a number…etc.
Thanks again.

I guess I’ve found some good references on how to accomplish this: … fd595.html
Thanks for the hints.