Call Waiting and Busy line

Hello all experts,

Question in related to Dial Command.

Today i have implented a call by the DIAL command to external number.

Customer request is that when line is “BUSY” to dial another number.

  • To busy status - i know that dial command has an option to create an event.
  • The question is when the external line give us back a sound of “Call Waiting” - is there an option to create also for that case an event of calling another external line?

Will appreciate your assistance

Please advise if any other details are missing?

Earliest bump time is 24 hours.

Asterisk has very limited support for detecting in band call progress signals.

You cant take dial action based on early media,

Thanks alot for answering!

You cant take dial action based on early media,

For Dial command there are different options:

Busy \ No Answer \ Torture etc…

  • Will it work for external calls?
  • if not how will it work?

Busy is based on out of band singalling. No Answer is a simple timeout, or possibly some out of band signalling. Torture is a status that only be set by user provided scripting.

For Busy, the network has to send a recognizable busy status. That will be a specific SIP final response code, after which the call no longer exists. The network will not consider call waiting as busy.

The sort of signalling you ar e referring to is intended only for human consumption.

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