Call termination to local ISDN Telco

does anyone has a HOW TO for just accepting calls from a VOIP provider overseas and terminating calls local phone lines via ISDN -E1 with propr billings. Eiether BSD*or Linux would do?

I this looks like the basic configuration discussed at

I would suggest using Linux since Cards have their driver for this (even though some have drivers for BSD and several how-to exist for BSD too, there are more for linux these days).

for CDR depending on the amount of traffic you are expecting go for either a “by-hand processing” with Excel (since Asterisk provides .csv CDR) or use one of the software (some are free) offered on


Thanks SP,

I have reverted to Linux since it has most of the hardware support,but these are the things i need to finalize before this takes off the ground.

Say for example i have a ISDN E1-line (my telco would just give me a single local number for that , but 30 channels to play with, and the number being 123456).A digium single PRI port card installed.

Then my voip provider supplies me the traffic in H323 or SIP form. How exactly would i configure my extensions.conf file , sip.conf, zapata,zaptel etc and which other files so that the International traffic(call) gets routed out via the PRI/ISDN line and rings a local phone, while taking care of the other calls coming in and routing it with the available channels.Calls only come in and via VIOP and gets out through ISDN , no calls should be allowed the other way round.

I have read “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Asterisk”, but could not apply that to my current set up, i guess its more generic in nature. I have figured out the billing portion with A2Billing , but the only thing that is left is the configuration part.

if you can , then please post it here, will really appreciate.