* Call termination - how to

hi , i am new to Asterisk but have been using FreeBSD and CentOS(Linux), i would like to know how to terminate only, calls coming in from a voip provider and i have a PSTN/E1(32 Channel) line. I just would like to know how configure * to accept the calls coming in from my VOIP proivder and termiate it to my local E1 line , and also do a minute/billing (counting).

I already have a server and a digium PRI card to play with. Please if someone can help me with this.

Here is a very basic overview of what you’ll need to do. For more details check out www.voip-info.org.

1.) Setup a sip connection (sip.conf) with you SIP provider. Alternatively you could use IAX2 if you provider supports it. Most of the details of this will be dependant on your provider.

2.) Configure you E1 card with zaptel.conf and zapata.conf.

3.) Edit you extensions.conf file. Create a context where you incoming sip calls will be placed (make sure this is the same as in your sip.conf). Add an extension in that context for your incoming phone number. Have extension use the Dial command to dial out over the E1 card.

4.) If you don’t mind your cdr being written as a csv text file, then you don’t have to do anything to get the call records. If you want your cdr’s written to a database, then install one of the db cdr drivers. cdr_mysql, cdr_odbc, cdr_pgsql, …

Essentially that’s it. There are a ton of details missing, but you can find those on voip-info.org or any number of other Asterisk sites, or the Asterisk book (which is free). So there is no reason to repeat them here.


I would add 3a:

do some verification on numbers (digits, length) passed from SIP to PSTN. If you want to provide termination for local or national numbers only you may want to prevent international or premium-rate numbers to be dialed.

Thanks Guys,

Now it makes sense,well i have following up with the info and googling things, just one more thing , is there any tool that can be used to count the total minutes from the cdr file.

i would need this to send a bill to my voip provider, anyway thanks alot for t he info !

This page has a ton of stuff about billing.


I can’t recommend one over any other because I have not actually used any of them.

If you want something really simple, you could always use a spread sheet.

It all depends on your needs.


thanks Dan,

i will take a look at it , and will post it on the forums , if there is someone with the same needs as mine ,he/she will get some idea.
You have been a great help , really appreciated, if i have any problems , i will surely pitch it past you.