Call takes 20 secs to start ringing

I’m not sure if this is normal behaviour. This is my setup:

  • Asterisk 1.4.11 (and freepbx 2.3.0)
  • FC7
  • LinkSys SPA901 SIP phone
  • iaxComm extension.
  • OpenVox A400P02 card connected to a single PSTN line.

The LinkSys and asterisk box are connected through a switch. The iaxComm softphone is running in a laptop in the same network. Both phones are registered fine.

My problem is that it takes 20 secs from the time I finish dialling a number and the first ring, when I dial from the LinkSys, and about 15 secs using the softphone. During this time, there’s absolute silence, which seems like it’s not working.

The computer has more resources it needs for this setup: double 1.86GHz intel 64 processor. 2Gb ram.

Following, i enclose the log of one call made using the softphone:
[Oct 1 08:00:38] DEBUG[12419] chan_zap.c: Dialing ‘6xxxxxxxx’
[Oct 1 08:00:38] DEBUG[12419] chan_zap.c: Deferring dialing…
[Oct 1 08:00:38] DEBUG[12345] chan_iax2.c: Ooh, voice format changed to 4
[Oct 1 08:00:41] DEBUG[12419] chan_zap.c: Engaged echo training on channel 1
[Oct 1 08:00:43] DEBUG[12419] chan_zap.c: Echo cancellation already on
[Oct 1 08:00:52] DEBUG[12341] chan_iax2.c: Immediately destroying 1, having received hangup

I hang up as soon as I hear the tone. This call takes 14 seconds to complete. :frowning:

Any ideas? TIA,


Is the call going out via a zaptel device or SIP ? I would watch the CLI in real time and see where it hangs.