Call SIP users offline and register the dial status in real time


I don’t be able to resolve the problem:

I need to call all SIP users REACHABLE and UNREACHABLE, because I need to trace the status of all calls.
I use “Call Files” to start a call, with this settings:

Channel: sipuser
Codecs: ulaw
MaxRetries: 1
RetryTime: 1
WaitTime: 160
Context: context
Extension: s
Priority: 1
Callerid: Callerid
Account: asterisk
AlwaysDelete: yes
Archive: no
Application: Dial

Asterisk don’t start a call to UNREACHABLE sip users.

Help me please!

Database for CDR is native “Sqlite”

SIP users settings:

host: dynamic
type: friend
nat: no
callcounter: yes
busylevel: 1
qualify: yes

Disable qualify.

The down side of this is that it will take many second to discover that you are dialing a device that isn’t there, so it won’t exactly be real time.

There are also rumours that you can force a qualify test using AMI. If true, these will also take several seconds before they will declare a device as not present, as they will have to go through the full retransmission sequence.

Packet loss means that you have to allow some seconds, even for confirmation that a device is present.

Note that none of this will work for host=dynamic users that are not currently registered, as Asterisk has no idea what their IP address is.

Thanks, but is not a solution that I can use!

Cant you use ChanIsAvail command? Before you create your call file, check the status of the channel if available create the call file and call, if status of the channel is different then available make a note and go on…