Call Setup Time - IAX compared to SIP

I have an application in which call setup time is absolutely critical. 100ms makes a big difference to me.

If I have two asterisk servers on a LAN which protocol is going to yield a faster call setup time?

Is there anything I can do to make either protocol more efficient (in terms of asterisk) during call setup?



Your end is only one link in the chain.


all will cause a delay.


Thanks for the response, but it is a little simpler than that.

Server 1 -----SIP/IAX—> Server 2

Both server 1 and server 2 are on the same local network. What I have is a caller on Server1 and a caller on Server2 both with active sessions. At some point my application decides that caller1 needs to speak with caller2, so asterisk dials into the other server and a conference is made.

In this scenario, is IAX or SIP going to setup faster?