How i can record all my call in AsteriskNOW?

How can i record all the call made into my AsteriskNOW Server ? This options was easy on earlier version but on the newest ones , it’s not foundable !

Thank Your and have a nice Day !

This is not an Asterisk Now forum.

The Asterisk Now forums on this board are for issues relating to its packaging and specific Digium features.

You need to identify the GUI in use and find a board for that GUI.

Actually i dont really understand you… You think I should ask where to find out where is that option on my PBX ?

AsteriskNOW is a combination of Asterisk, an OS (I think), and web based GUI for Asterisk. The GUI includes code to handle the web interface and extensive boiler plate asterisk configuration files. It also manipulates the Asterisk configuration files in ways that only work with the other parts of the GUI.

There have been at least two different GUIs used with AsteriskNOW.

This forum is for people directly configuring Asterisk, without any GUI.

There are forums on this board about AsteriskNOW, but they are not supposed to be used for issues to with the third party code in the GUIs.

If you want support for the GUIs you need to identify which one is in use. I believe the current one is FreePBX, and then go to forum that deals with that GUI.

There are AsteriskNOW forums on this board, but they are intended only to cover the parts of the GUIs that deal with Digium PCI cards and with certain Digium software which is not part of the open source product. They also cover the way that all of the components are integrated into an installation package.