Call recording in Asterisk java not working properly

Hello everyone,

I have some problem regarding the Monitor Action in Asterisk java. I’m using Asterisk java to do a 300 concurrent call and record each call using monitor action. Each monitor action have different filename to write and always unique to each other.

The problem is, i make a simulation calls to 500 numbers and record the conversation. However, the recording files are not even near that number. I only get 148 file in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/ while it should be 500 files. No exception found while running the program. And then i see some of the files are too big (around 10mb) while others are around 90kb. Do monitor action append some recording to another recording? how to prevent this?

Thank you

Dibi Khairurrazi

Hi Dibi,

I’ve got same issues with Asterisk, have you solved this problem?