Call Queue penalties and strategy

I’m trying to set up several Queues, each with several members. Some members belong to more than one queue. I’m migrating a Cisco CallManager system to Asterisk, so these users have a skill rating in the Cisco system. I’m assuming this is similar to penalties in Asterisk, but I cannot replicate how the Cisco system works.

Let’s say I have a queue called SUPPORT. In this Queue I have four agents:
Bob, penalty of 1
Dave, penalty of 1
Steve, penalty of 3
Bill, penalty of 4

When someone calls into support, I want the call to ALWAYS go to Bob or Dave (assuming they are available), and then go down the list. If Bob or Dave is available, the call should never go to Steve or Bill. Also, the incoming calls should alternate between Bob and Dave.

Also I’m having a problem with the queues not placing multiple callers until the first call is answered. Meaning, three calls come in, the first call rings to Bob, but Bob doesn’t answer right away, so the rest of the calls sit in the Queue unanswered even if the other users are available.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you are using 1.4+, try adding autofill=yes to queues.conf which should fix the serial type behavior.

I do have the autofill=yes in my queues.conf default section. It works…but only after one person in the queue has taken a call. Quite strange.