Best way to config Auto Attendant, queue and same time call

I’m trying to build a system for myself, but “prepare” for expansion. I have “Asterisk. The Definite guide” and this is what I’m going by.

So… here is what I’m planning to have:

  1. SIP trunk provider to terminate call’s to public
  2. 2x VOIP phones with possibly 2 lines on each that I will use (from home or work)
  3. My cell phone which should ring whenever office/home phone rings.

Basically, 3 phones should ring at the same time. I don’t want to wait and then try different phone. If I’m not at my desk - I want to pickup cell right away so people never wait. I also don’t want to “register in”

Now I’m building Auto-attendant. And in a book they give sample with Queues. I did setup Queue and here is a question. Should I just set queue to “ringall”. Sounds like it’s a good way to do it. But. If I add another person with similar setup (VOIP + cell), how do I make rrmemory queue but between my group of phones and his?