Call problem...On all phones automatic hangup in ~2-3 mins

When i speak phone can hangup automatically after 2 or 3 minutes of speaking! without any reasons!On CLI I can see only

Spawn extension (default, 125, 1) exited non-zero on ‘SIP/151-082286f0’

i have liksys spa’s, cisco 7905, Xlite and every phone and softphone has same problem!
As i can see that is not a telephone problem…What could it be? How to solve it?

you call out with external provider or it is lan only communication?

Thank you for answer!This thing happens everywhere - when i make inbound calls…when i call pstn through spa3102 and when i call phones in the internet…


Check your localnet and canreinvite settings .

Then if they are correct do a sip trace


yes…all these phones both soft and hard have in their account canreinvite=yes … What do you mean under “localnet settings”? if i understood you correctly…every phone has host=dynamic…I will set canreinvite=no …I wonder if it helps…

in sip.conf you need to check and set the localnet


and set canreinvite to no


Thanks i’m going to change it right now…I’ll report later about results.

Sorry this did not help…Any other suggestions?

do a sip trace when it hangup


If we could see what you have in the sip.conf and sone debug of the calls ending it would help as we are now at the guessing point…

also let us kown ipadress ranges ie the lan is or its etc


Had the same problem using the ZAPTEL PSTN interface

Fixed it in the zapata.conf (of course if you are using the zaptel PSTN interface)