[Help] How can I hangup a unreachable call

I set 2 SIP extension 101 & 102 , and set canreinvite=no

when 101/102 call each other, Asterisk will stay in media path.
If i disable the internet of 101, Asterisk will detect that extension 101 is unreachable, but Asterisk will not hangup 102, so 102 will stay in media path until 102 hangup itself. :unamused:

How can i configue the Asterisk to hangup the call when caller or callee is unreachable ???

how about setting a Dial timeout and follow that with a Hangup() command ?

if you’re unsure, post what you have here.

Dear baconbuttie

Dial(type/identifier, timeout, options, URL)

timeout option is used to wait for a Answer.
If the internet of callee is disabled after callee answered the call, timeout option is useless. :frowning:

and I don’t want to use L(x[:y][:z]) to Limit the call in seconds.

Would you have any method to solve this problem??
thanks ^^

so when you say “disable the internet” you mean disconnect the network connection to the host ? why would you do that ?

does Asterisk never hangup ? or is the timeout too long for your liking ? i can’t (be bothered to) test it here right now. and who stays on the phone when it becomes obvious you’ve been cutoff ?

edit okay, i tried it by end-task’ing an idefisk session to a remote server … Asterisk detected the loss within about 30 seconds and hung up.

I disconnect the network connection of host, because i want to know asterisk will hang up the callee or not when caller abnormally disconnect the network connection.

extensions.conf :

exten=> _1XX,1,Dial(${EXTEN}|30)
exten=> _1XX,2,Hangup

sip.conf :

I have try to disconnect the network connection of caller after callee pick up, Asterisk detected the loss(caller) within about 30 seconds, but does not hang up callee.

Test Enviroment :
OS : Fedora core 4
UAC : X-lite
Asterisk : 1.2.9

Would you mind tell me how to conigure asterisk to detected and hang up ?

thanks very much ^^