Call-out campaing with Queue


I am using Asterisk for ages but this is a new territory for me. :wink:

I would like to get some help for the following situation. I would like to build a call-out campaign with the following setup. Asterisk of course, database with phone numbers and agents in a queue. My php script calls the phone numbers and on connection call transferred to Queue which holds the agents and next agent’s phone rings who pick up the phone. Because I do not want to overload queue I would like to know how many agents are in conversion and when should I put the next call into queue.

In short:
PHP script read next phone number if there is enough room in queue
PHP script calls that number
On connection call will transferred to queue (PHP or even Asterisk)
Agent rings
Agent pick up the phone and talks
… and again with the next number

Is it possible? Which version is better for this (1.2, 1.4 or 1.6)? I am using 1.2 which was perfect but ready for upgrade if needed.



Have a look at vicidial which works best on asterisk 1.2.X

Looks nice and useful! Thank you very much!