Call myself and enter destination number

hi folks,

I’ve been reading a lot online and have still not been able to find/accomplish what i am trying to do.

What i would like to do is create a dialplan rule where i dial something such as *2, which will allow asterisk to dial() my cellphone and playback(custom/whom-would-i-like-to-dial) or background(custom/whom-would-i-like-to-dial) me to enter a number to dial(). once the number has been entered, asterisk will then connect me to the number which i entered.

i know there is an application which I’m missing which i need to use. i know to create something like this should be simple. could someone be kind enough as to provide me with an example?

i would appreciate it!

thanks in advance!

maybe there is something i can provide you folks to get some insight? i am new to the forum after all! please let me know if there is something else i can provide to get assistance


A specific question with a short answer.

You probably want to look at some subset of the: Originate, Playback, WaitExten, and DISA applications, as well as standard things, like Dial.

Your bump was six hours early.

hi david, thanks for the response. ive read in to these applications and read up on the documentations however i still cannot get started. when the pbx calls my cellphone, its as if the dialplan stops untill i hangup my cellphone than the dialplan continues. it would be really helpful if someone can provide me with an example of how to build this simple application.