Call Monitoring

I read somewhere that calls can only be monitored if you are using ZAP channels. Is this true?

So, that is a yes, you can spy on any channel even if it’s, say, SIP?

yes, in fact, i’m playing with my call monitoring app (PHP and the Manager interface) to use chanspy instead of zapbarge…

exten => 8160,1,ChanSpy(SIP/101|q) exten => 8160,n,Hangup

this will silently monitor the SIP/101 channel. i actually use a variable passed to the function via the Manager interface, but the format/idea is the same.

you could subsitute IAX/101, Zap/1, SCCP/101, any other channel format for the SIP/101 and it should work…i don’t know of any limitations of the top of my head, but i’m sure there are some.

hope this helps.