Queue Related Issue


My scenario is that caller should not charge in queue until our agent answer their call.
This scenario is perfectly working with ring group. If i route my calls to ring group with any ring strategy it works.
But our requirement is β€œ Queue ” because of agent/queue real time monitoring, detailed reports, agent login/logout etc.
Other queue options not soo much required like Music on Hold , Join announcement.
Please suggest me if any configuration required or tools for ring group options detail.
I m using asterisk 11.25

Thanks In Advance
Need Expert Advice.

Asterisk has no concept of ring groups.

Asterisk queue do not, in general, answer the call and start charging until an agent answer. Announcements and MoH are sent as early media, if answered, although commercial providers generally block early media.

I would look to your dialplan to see why the call is being answered early.

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What do you mean with should not charge ?

Thank you guys for your replies.
Actually my problem is resolved after using the β€œQueue No Answer” option.
@ambiorixg12 My client have huge volume of incoming calls and callers might wait longer for its turn so my
client request is that caller will not charge before they connect with agent.

Queue No Answer is life saver for me.