Call many, move only first who answers into meetme?

I’m trying to do something which seems not so easy. I researched a week or more, but to no avail. :frowning:

I have a meetme conference up, “meetme-1” for example.

I can initiate a call number 500 to the dialplan within context “cobs”.
The first who anwers Dial, should be moved into the conference “meetme-1”.

exten => 500,1, Dial(Zap/1&Zap/2&Zap/3&…)
exten => 500,n, Meetme(…something… move the one who responds into conference “meetme-1”, no one else).

How can I do this?
Or some other way?


This should work just fine. What are you seeing in your CLI and what is the person called experiencing?

before you have the caller entered into the queue, execute MeetMeCount…this will give you the number of people already in the conference… then you can execute any logic to reroute the user is the count is such that the meeting is “full” …something like:

exten => connect,n,MeetMeCount(Conference,ConfCount)
exten => connect,n,GotoIf($["${ConfCount}" > “0”]?roombusy)
exten => connect,n,MeetMe(Conference)

exten => connect,n(roombusy),Playback(busyroommsg)