Call management with asterisk pbx

Good evening everyone!
I run a small business and we have a call center( 5 persons).
Our setup is a server with asterisk and Solo pbx + cisco spa 303 ip phones.
Is there any way to have some management features to PC clients that employees will use in order to work easier?
for example if the can “see” a calling queue, missed calls, task calls to other persons etc?
Thanks in advance

If you want to develop your own tool , this can be done using AMI + PHP , in the other hand there are call center products

what about flash operator 2?
i saw it to another forum, but i don’t understand if can offer a basic call management.
Has anyone work with fop2?

FOP2 it is very easy to install and use , if you have less than 15 agents you can use the free version if is greater I suggest you to buy a license.

check it out here