Call Logging

I am having some internal call quality issues as the IAX provider is showing no problems.

I have found that “sip show channelstats” provides information like sent and received packets with loss. and jitter.

Is there anyway to record the stats when a call is completed, to either a log file or mysql database?


It sure is possible.

Check this out…
And have a look at the example 4.

You aren’t confined to using the userfield tho. You can create your own field in your CDR table and just set CDR(yourfield) instead of CDR(userfield).

Being a Elastix / FreePBX user, I have no knowledge on modifying the asterisk files.

how would I implement this?

can I store the data in a different sql table?


you can write data in any table through func_odbc too . but you need to learn how to write dial plan .