Autodialer - writing call results

Hello, everyone.

I cannot understand how I can get call results with call files. I need to learn if the subscriber answered or not, who ended a call and how long it lasted. It would be good to run a script after every try.

You could use either or both of CDR and CEL for this.

I have checked the information in the cdr and cel tables. It has most of necessary information, but I cannot understand how to identify a particular call in these tables. It has an asterisk unique id, but I do not know it at the time of creating a file.

Cant you base your data on date/time/dialed number?

That or set a userfield that’s unique on every call from your call file.

I for some reason do not see any userfield written in the CDR table. How must I set it in the call file so that it be written in the CDR table? I set variables with the setvar key, but none of the variables set this way appears in the CDR table.
Also, I write result files, but they do not contain call duration.

You can write to ${CDR(userfield)} as a variable to log custom userfield data to the CDR.

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