Call Light Application/Programming


So we want to incorporate a call status light for our call center that will indicate 3 statuses. The statuses would indicate if the rep is on a call, available for a call or on pause. We found a a software/light that we want to integrate - and they provide a SDK.

Has anyone done something similar, looking for any tips on how to start or move forward, little programming knowledge.


That is a neat little light, but you need to run a separate app on each desktop to support it ? The best fit might be if that app is a Jabber client – then you can push to it via Asterisk using JabberSend() application. See configs/samples/xmpp.conf.sample for examples on Jabber connectivity.

This look like the BLF feature, you can add this light using AMI event and a Raspberry PI to change the light on an external hardware,

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