Call length 0 in queue_log when its log

Hey all,

I’ve got asterisk working well but I have a problem. My queue_log shows that all the calls have length 0, which is obviously not true. Here’s an example:

The caller was in queue for 3 seconds, then spoke with an agent, but then hang up. But I know 100% that he was on the tline for more then 2 minutes, but Asterisk said he hung up right away. In fact, this is happening for all our calls.

Does anyone have any ideas?

you’re using Local channels, which have all variables destroyed when the call is connected.

use the /n flag after the Local/ declaration to force the channel NOT to do a native transfer and keep the variables alive. … l+channels

can i ask why you’re using local channels and how they’re working for you? i’ve been looking at implementing something similar for our system…

I have no idea why we are using local_channels, the guy before me who quit set it up and it was this way when I inherited it.

ah…ok. well, try the /n flag, and if you want, post how you’re using queues and i can tell you if you need to use the local channels…probably he was using groupcount to make sure only one call was being delivered at a time…

Yes it’s being used on his system for groupcount. Weird thing is this functions fine without /n when using IAX but is needed when using Sip. Also, using local channels besides his original issue has been working good for others.