Call forwarding

Hi There,

I’m new to Asterisk, as well as these forums, so I hope you can help.

I have just taken over an Asterisk phone system at the company I work for, and been asked to

is there a simple way to this?

thanks in advance

Asterisk provides a toolkit for doing this sort of thing. You would need to look at the actual dialplan to work out what high level concepts, like call forwarding, are enabled.

The chances are that you are actually using an Asterisk GUI, in which case you need to identify the GUI and ask in an appropriate place.


Normally call forwarding is set in the astdb, so an easy way is to ent teh following at teh linux command prompt

asterisk -rx “database show” >> database.txt

then look through it for CF and extension numbers.

if people have set it from teh handset you are snookered, and will have to check teh phones one by one