Allow end user to set call forward

I have been asked by my boss if it is possible to give users the ability to turn on and off they’re own call forwarding. Instead of me having to set for them. I am using Asterisk 11. I have set manually in my extenstions.conf but would like to give my end users the access. Without having to give them access to the hole system.

yes. Store the relevant information in ASTDB or another database and use a special access code to update it.

I am new to this can you point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance … ECT-6.html

All the rest is basic dialplan stuff.


All the rest is basic dialplan stuff.[/quote]

Here is what I have found in my search for a solution. I have tried to use this but I get an error regarding the first line “DBput”

; Unconditional Call Forward
  exten => _*21*X.,1,DBput(CFIM/${CALLERIDNUM}=${EXTEN:4})
  exten => _*21*X.,2,Hangup
  exten => #21#,1,DBdel(CFIM/${CALLERIDNUM})
  exten => #21#,2,Hangup

  ; Call Forward on Busy or Unavailable
  exten => _*61*X.,1,DBput(CFBS/${CALLERIDNUM}=${EXTEN:4})
  exten => _*61*X.,2,Hangup
  exten => #61#,1,DBdel(CFBS/${CALLERIDNUM})
  exten => #61#,2,Hangup

Which is?

Which is?[/quote]

[Feb 25 13:39:40] WARNING[21044][C-000016b1]: pbx.c:4869 pbx_extension_helper: No application 'DBput' for extension (default, *21*15105791262, 1) == Spawn extension (default, *21*15105791262, 1) exited non-zero on 'SIP/419-000001a5'

DBPut is a manager command, not an application.

The correct way is covered in the first and second examples in the reference I gave you.