Call Forwarding

First, let me say, I’ve searched through this site, and other sources and I can’t seem to find a description of this.

How is call forwarding handled by Asterisk?

I would like to have an inbound IAX call be forwarded to another number without having to maintain the connection using the Asterisk PBX. Essentially handing the call off? If this sounds stupid, please help me understand the fundamentals here…

SIP supports forwards/redirects, not sure how IAX would handle it.

Ok, I’m pretty sure I understand that * supports forwards/redirects. I guess the thing I am fuzzy on is what is * actually physically doing when it forwards/redirects a call. Is it:

A: Maintaining a connection between the inbound call and an outbound receiver?

B: Redirecting the call, effectively handing it off, therefore no longer utilizing any bandwidth on the * server?

Or C none of the above?

There are a couple of ways a call could be redirected.

  1. You could redirect the call in your dialplan. In most cases this would keep Asterisk in the path of the call.

  2. SIP has support for redirecting a call. As an example many phones have the option to forward calls. When a call comes in for the phone it will tell the server to dial another number. In this example the phone will not stay in the path of the call.