SIP and IAX connections behind NAT

SIP and IAX connections behind NAT


I have an Asterisk server connected thru a provider thru IAX.
I also have a SIP soft phone somewhere in a network connected thru a router (DHCP).

Do I have to forward traffic from my router to the asterisk server with an IAX connection to the provider?

What about if I would be connected thru SIP?

What about if I want to set up a soft phone in another network (like my mother’s house), do I have to redirect SIP traffic from the router to the computer running the soft phone?

What about if I have more than 1 soft phone in her network, the redirect think would not work for this scenario right?

Whats the best way to handle things under these scenarios?


No need to redirect traffic to soft phone, a SIP UA. All you really do is to add nat=yes to the corresponding entry in sip.conf, and configure the soft phone to handle NAT. Refer to