Forward asterisk pbx one input to asterisk pbx two?

Here is a quick question we have PBX one, which accepts caller input in the dialplan. After the input PBX one calls PBX two. How can I forward the input from PBX one and process that in the dialplan of PBX two

Regards Jerome

I did something similar for a client a while back. One Asterisk server accepted incoming calls from a VoIP provider, and relayed them to the second server. The connection between the servers was done via IAX2. The first server had something like this in its extensions.conf:

; for incoming calls from VoIP provider
exten => _X.,1,Dial(IAX2/inter-aster/${EXTEN})
exten => _X.,n,Hangup()

which would pass the calls over the IAX2 connection. On the second server, its iax.conf would have a section like


And in its extensions.conf, the [from-provider-sip] context would receive the calls in the normal way.

How are the machine’s connected?

Basically you treat the other Asterisk as a provider.

If you are using VoIP, you have the option of both way authentication, which is not something providers do, but, otherwise, the other machine is your provider.

yeas the other machine is a provider / carrier. I think they are using the British Telecom Platform. Its my PBX → provider SBC → provider trunk → further route the calls

edit: I’ll post a dial plan idea tomorrow, with the steps I try to achive

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