Call forwarding to a mobile after hours

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I need to configure a button on the phone (After Hours) and when someone press this button all the calls should be forwarded to a external mobile number.

Can someone guide me how to do the same.


Set a global variable or ASTDB entry and test it for each new call. Set it from a special extension, dialled by the button.

Note you can also have automated out of hours handling. Examples of this are in the sample configuratoin.

If you want to dot it directly on the dial plan, you have ODBC, ASTDB and some other options, also some phones allow you to set unconditional forwards

Hi David,

Please can you help me to share the sample config.

This is the current configuration, when any calls comes on number 12345678 it ring my ext 501 and 502

First, How can i create a Out of Office and In-Office button on EXT 501 & 502
Second, Once Out of Office button is configured, How can i enable the call forwarding so that when people dial the 12345678 it will forward the calls tomobile number.

when we press the In Office button the calls should come normally to the ext 501, 502 & 503

exten = 12345678,1,Dial(SIP/SIP-501&SIP/SIP-502,40,twk)
exten = 12345678,n,Dial(SIP/SIP-503,20,twk)
exten = 12345678,n,Hangup()

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Please help me…