Call forword with input from keypad

This question might has been asked, or may have been in document. Please excuse my ignorance. I would like to setup such as , if user wants to forward call to his mobile phone or any number, he only needs to enter feature keys (*98 ) then number to forward. So I don’t have to edit the config file manually. How could I set up such a function?
With many thanks

Yes you can same way as u mentioed.its nothing bust blind transfer. only thing is ur out call config is such way that he can able to dila ur moible number as u dila *98 after that ur mobile number. so do it it will work fine


Thanks for reply. I dont quite understand. What i want to do is say, before I go out of office, I dial *98 on my asterisk phone, then asterisk config extention.conf will automatically set to forward the call to my mobile number, when call come in to my office. But I dont know how to implement it, the forward number can be dynamic, doesnt have to be same number.

Ohh… mean you want to config call forward on your extension?
to activate & deactivated call forwarding?
use astddb. heer i am showinmg you how u can do that. for that u may change ur config or do it urself as per ur config. i am here explain you with refernce to SIP channeling & macro standard concept

ur extension.conf config
lets say l;ike this

include => internal

[internal];; where ur all the user extesion was mentioed
exten => 7010,1,Macro(stdexten,7010,SIP/7010)
exten => 7011,1,Macro(stdexten,7011,SIP/7011)

include => callfwd
include => callfwd-deactivate

exten => s,n,gotoif(${DB_EXISTS(CFIM/${ARG1})}?fim)

exten => s,n(fim),Dial(SIP/${DB(CFIM/${ARG1})} @SOFTSWITCH,40) ;; id ut using sip to forward or to make out calls with ur sip provider then this line will do the same & call that forwaded mobile number. here SOFTSWTICH is peer which define ur sip provide config in sip.conf with ther hot=ip address & all that. if ur using any card that also u can do this i meabn to say FXO acrd

exten => s,n(noim),hangup() after 40 ring call ended

now how to activate & dectaivate this feature fro ur sip phone as u mention by *98

exten => _*98X.,1,Set(DB(CFIM/${CALLERID(num)})=${EXTEN:2})
exten => _*98X.,2,Playback(call-forward)
exten => _*98X.,3,Hangup

how to deactivate
exten => *93,1,DBdel(CFIM/${CALLERID(num)})
exten => *93,2,Playback(fwd-cancelled)
exten => *93,3,Hangup

now 2 context we al read include in inetrnal so any user can activate & deactivate this.
all this using Astdb local Asterisk database
so try as per ur config

it wil surely work with sip.


Thanks Amit, you are a Champ. I will try that. I also understand your explanation. So I can try implementing other feature as well.
Thanks again.