Call failed: not found

I installed AsteriskNOW with a very basic setting:

  • user: extension 200 with dial plan DialPlan1
  • service provider: custom voip Provider1 with SIP and a valid hostname, account, password
  • calling rules: dial plan DialPlan1 with rule Rule1 placed through Provider1

But I cannot dial out with this basic configuration: I get error message “Call failed: not found” on the X-Lite softphone.

A lot of warnings and notices in the Asterisk log, ending with several lines, mentioning the phone number I try to dial (let’s say):

[Mar 5 01:22:57] NOTICE[1860] chan_sip.c: Got SUBSCRIBE for extension 0123456789@numberplan-custom-1 from, but there is no hint for that extension.

There are no analog lines, the AsteriskNOW server is simply connected to the network.

What is missing? Thx for any step forward :wink: