Extension not found!


I had asterisk up and running on desktop with Ubuntu-9.04 server version (with static Ip address created while installing Linux)

Now I installed X-LITE phone on my LAPTOP and entered info for sip settings. the registration went well , but when I try to call any number it says Service unavailable. On my x-lite softphone it says call failed: not found.

my /etc/asterisk/sip.conf settings are


type = friend
username = brat
secret = rach_pwd
host = xx.xx.x.xx(linux static Ip addr)
context = sip-brat

type = friend
username = user1
secret = user1_pwd
host = xx.xx.x.xx(linux static IP addr)
context = sip-brat ( Provided I uncommented useragent=Asterisk PBX )

sudo nano /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf(
The place where I’m very doubtful of right or wrong )


exten => brat,1,Dial(SIP/brat,20)
exten => user1,1,Dial(SIP/user1,20)

When I reload my dialplan on the asterisk CLI
dialplan reload
Dialplan reloaded.
[Oct 15 14:10:03] WARNING[17081]: pbx_config.c:1541 pbx_load_config: ==!!== Unknown directive: static at line 25 – IGNORING!!!
[Oct 15 14:10:03] WARNING[17081]: pbx_config.c:1541 pbx_load_config: ==!!== Unknown directive: writeprotect at line 30 – IGNORING!!!
[Oct 15 14:10:03] WARNING[17081]: pbx_config.c:1541 pbx_load_config: ==!!== Unknown directive: clearglobalvars at line 92 – IGNORING!!!
[Oct 15 14:10:25] NOTICE[3212]: chan_sip.c:16869 handle_request_invite: Call from ‘rachel’ to extension ‘210’ rejected because extension not found.

P.S: 210( my colleagues number ) is the number I was trying to call

Do I need to change my bindaddr to my STATIC IP address in sip.conf too?

Help me please!


change the host to dynamic for the 2 extensions to start with.

Then where is the extension rachel ???
It seems she is calling 210 and you don’t have a 210 you have extensions brat and user2



Alright I changed the host to dynamic.

The extension part is where I’m getting confused. Brat is Rachel only, I just changed the name.

Now that Rachel ( Brat ) is registered with asterisk.
My sip show peers:
user1/user1 xx.xx.x.xx 5060 Unmonitored
rachel/rachel xx.xx.x.xx( ubuntu server static IP address) 5060 Unmonitored

On clicking the X-Lite phone on my LAPTOP, I saw the message ready Your Username is : Rachel ( Which I presume that my x-lite is connected to the asterisk pbx running remotely on my DESKTOP)

But When I press 210 number on my softphone and hit call button I get the message ( a person’s voice ) “the person your trying to reach is unavailable”

Then I see call failed:not found on my softphone

How should I fix this to call the number 210 or any number in my office?

P.S: 210…216 are the extension of all my colleagues.