Call Drops calls moving from Hold to Voicemail in IVR

Hi there,

I’m using an application called xCally that manages my IVR and Asterisk for me, but they are unable to help me with this problem. Within my asterisk IVR I have a few queues that are selected with a menu. Each of these queues has a unique MoH, which is mostly voice actors discussing our product, with differing focus’s depending on which queue they are in, at the end of each message the queue is moved to a recording that prepares the client for a voicemail box so they can be called back, this is done by using a time-out on the queue to move to the next stage in the IVR, the timeout length is equal to the length of the recording.

The issue I’m having is that when a user stays in the queue, the call is dropped at the end of the timeout instead of transferred to the recording and voicemail. This only occurs when the hold time is greater than 60 seconds or so, otherwise the timeout moves through the IVR perfectly. The recordings are no longer than 5 minutes, but I am testing on one that is 167 seconds long and it still drops out.

I have tested with timeout lengths between 90 and 167 seconds, and the issue can become intermittent with shorter lengths, and becomes more consistent the longer the hold time, additionally, with no timeout the client can stay on hold indefinitely (this is not fully tested, but assumed the case with a few 5min+ tests).