Call Automatically

Hello, I want to pass a list of numbers to my Asterisk an then I want my asterisk to call to all the numbers in the list and play a message, i dont know how to do this, please help.

Thanks in advance

Put a .call file in the Asterisk spool directory, one for each number to call, in the call file you set the extension where the called will be sent when the call get answered, in this extension you play the file and do everything you need.
For an introduction about call files: … o-dial+out
page 306 of the book Asterisk TFOT 2nd edition.

Another approach is to build an agi script which read in a database the numbers to call and then, through Asterisk’s ami interface action “Originate”, starts the calls:
chapter 9 and 10 of the book Asterisk TFOT 2nd edition.


Marco Bruni