Automatically Generate .call files?

Hey guys,

I’m a bit of a linux newbie, finally got Asterisk (trixbox rather) up and running, and have configured a .call file to dial numbers and connect them to an IVR successfully.

I’m trying to build a notification service that can call a good hand-full of numbers and connect them to an extension so they can receive our weather updates and respond accordingly.

It would take forever to create a .call file for each number. Is there some way to do this automatically (Windows software that can do it is fine too) using data from a spreadsheet or text file?

Thanks! :wink:

you could read this article
use predictive dialer function in astercrm (

go on trixbox forum and search for “Unattended Outbound Dialing” and you will find several threads where this has already been done. I have implemented it a few times for appointment reminder systems [think dentists etc].

What’s the best way to do this in your opinion? I’m using an IVR for most of it, all I need is for it to call a number, and connect it to an extension. Then, when the call is completed, repeat with the next number.

Is TeleYapper the best way to go?

The trixbox threads are kind of chaotic, never really got a feel for what the best way to go about this is.

Thanks for the help guys :smiley:

here is a trixbox thread … capability

the simple answer to your question is use a simple AGI script that gathers the information about the call you want to make [from anything as small as a text file to as large as a database], build .call files and drop them into the stream.
each call file will have the the number you want to call at the “source” and the the “destination” is an extension that you have set up that just plays your announcement when called and hangs up. trigger the script using a cron job.

nerd vittles has teleyapper. might be all you need.