Call and Analyst Metrics

Can someone point me to documentation and/or resources for determining Call and Analyst Metrics.
It would be especially useful to be able to determine the party that initiated the termination of the call (Person calling in vs Analyst disconnect vs Something else in the system).

If you are using analogue lines, these often to not have good disconnect supervision, in either direction, and need to be properly configured, even if the do have good supervision. Without disconnect supervision calls will always get logged as cleared by the side that does have it.

If your channel type has good supervision (and that is also true upstream, although not normally an issue), the queue log will indicate which party cleared.

If you are not using queues…

Asterisk is a toolkit, you need to explain what you put together with that kit in order to be given the best answers.

I only have Database access and have to pull requested information without the context of how the program is setup/customized. All I have been able to get out of the dev is it is a linux implementation with FreePBX Asterisk 16.15.1
Any documentation I can be pointed to?

You are on the wrong forum. You want

Tactics to address this on raw Asterisk may be difficult or impossible under the constraints imposed by FreePBX.

My comment about analogue lines still applies to FreePBX (although, in practice, most people who fail to say are using SIP).

PS you should search the forum first as distinguishing A and B party clearing is a not infrequently asked question.

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