When call is terminated from one end still waiting in other end

Hi there,
I am new in asterisk and dial plan. any help is very welcome.
I’ve set the Wait application for 45s then if the side A for example hangup, B wait until the end of the 45s.


If I understand what you are trying to do, and the destination channel technology supports disconnects, use:

F - When the caller hangs up, transfer the called party to the next priority of the current extension and start execution at that location.
NOTE: Any channel variables you want the called channel to inherit from the caller channel must be prefixed with one or two underbars ('_').
NOTE: Using this option from a Macro() or GoSub() might not make sense as there would be no return points.

to switch dialplan execution to the called party, if the caller hangs up.


Strangely, there is a very similar question from someone new to FreePBX, on their forum!

Thanks David for your response, I just want the call to end when it’s ended from any side. i don’t want the caller to wait for 45s after a hangup.

Thank you again.
PS: I am using freepbx with asterisk, I am new on both.

You are going to have to provide the dialplan to reproduce this and describe how you connect to both parties… Please provide logs at at least verbosity 3, and please enable protocol tracing for the channel driver you are using. I notice you also posted on the FreePBX forum. Please provide an example using plain Asterisk, as I don’t want to hunt through 100s of line of logging of FreePBX dialplan.

My best guess is that the A leg is an analogue line and you don’t have suitable disconnect supervision both available and configured. However, that doesn’t explain the 45 seconds.

A SIP setup with NAT misconfigured could fail to signal call clearing, but the timeout for that is under 30 seconds.

Thanks, I will get back to you…

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