Call a webservice / page to cach external calls events

I’m a newbie in asterisk programming so I’m asking for your kind support.
What I want to do is to inform a local web server abount external calls events (when a user is dialling a geographic number or is passing the call to another user and when the user hangs up the call).
Is there a way to modify the log scripts to make the system invoke a call (like a simple http post request) and catch the events listed above?
Alternativelly is there a good source where I can learn to interpret the manager events to parse these informations?
Thank you in advance.

Take a look on all the AMI commands and also take a look on FOP/FOP2 or MONAST projects to understand how web pages can display information based on AMI events.

I have accomplished similar task by listening to specific events related to the action involved. Then using PHP I have inserted the values in an indexes array and then I pass the desire values to a remote web service using the php curl function or Linux curl command.You can use the POST or GET method in your curl request

take a look to .

Hi guys
Thank you very much for your answers.
I managed to use the Dial event to track the begginning of the call and the hangup event to track the ending.
I’m tring to figure it up how to get the ring time and the answare time (I saw a few events setting VarArgs)…
I’ll give a deeper read to the links you both published above to find the solution.
Thank you again.