Web pages and asterisk(HELP)

Hello, I need to know if asterisk is able to interact with some web language(jsp, php, etml,etc), cuz I need to display all tasks that asterisk is doing in a web page format, by example if someone call, in the web page I must show message like
"Someone is calling, dialing at XXXXX,etc,", I have another question, I can send the asterisk’s tasks messages to the commnad line?, naturally customized message, show my own messages about asterisk is doing?
in advance, thanks

Have you looked at this


There are a few ways to do this. Check Voip-info.org for more info on any fo these.

Asterisk has something called the Manager interface, it allows an external application to create a telnet connection to * through which Asterisk can be controlled or monitored. The format for this is pretty well spec’d out and an application can see what * is doing. One example of this is called the Flash Operator Panel, a flash based web gui for * that lets you easily bump calls around.
Manager will let your application see exactly what is going on inside all of Asterisk, and control it.

Asterisk can execute system commands using the dialplan. The System() command makes asterisk run any command at a *nix shell. For example:
Exten => *#*9876543210,1,System(shutdown -r now)
would let you restart your * box from any phone. You could also do:
exten => s,1,System(wall ${CALLERID} is calling!) or something like it which would display the incoming caller id id to everybody logged into the *nix box.
System() would let your application know what is happening for certain parts of the dialplan.

Lastly, there is AGI, the Asterisk Gateway Interface. This will allow Asterisk to run a script in just about any language that will handle the call. This is often used for extended scripts like wake-up calls, phone payment systems, etc.
AGI will let your application interact directly with the user that is calling.

It sounds like FOP will work for most of what you want to do, check Rusty’s link for more info on it.

Hope that helps!