Hallo and greetings to everybody,

my name is Rainer, i live in Germany and i am new to this forum.

For a problem i am working on i need some help:

On my desctop i am running a softphone (phoner). The sp is registered at Asterisk. At the pc there is no microfon neither speaker or headset or anything else for talking.
For outgoing calls i use my desctop phone.
So i would like to DIAL the destination phonenumber with my softphone and then hand over the call automatic to my desctop phone to do the call, nearly like a click to dial funktion.
The thing i need, i think, is an automated call transfer from the softphone to the hardphone.
I tried some commands in the extensions.conf like

  • transfer
  • bridge
    and some other but nothing works for me.
    I also found a thread, where somebody explains to realize this via meeting, but i think this is a big shot for a small problem :wink:

Is somebody out there, who give me a hint, how to set up this funktion in the extensions.conf?

Any help will be apreciated.
Thanks in advance.




I would suggest to have this meeting in order to understand Asterisk functions :smile: I also live in Germany :smile:
Anyway, you need to register first the hard phone to Asterisk and you may then use dialplan to forward calls to this hard phone.


Hello adeel2215,

thanks for your sugestions.
The hard phone is registered at the Asterisk.
I’ve read this morning a lot about the BRIDGE function in the dialplan of Asterisk.
Seems that should work for me but nowhere i could find an example with more the 2 lines of code :frowning:

So i don’t know exactly to define this bridge() command in the extensions.conf.

Do you know an adress with a more detailed example?




What are you trying to dial from ?

There are plugins for Thunderbird and ADA may also still be available as is asttapi
if its Firefox there are scripts for grease-monkey that will do this.

basically ditch the soft-phone and use a app to do the dialing.




Hello ian,

thank you.

Let me explain it in another way:

I am running three phones (phone_1, phone_2, phone_3), all of them are registered at Asterisk.
Now i dial from phone_1 the number of phone_3.
If phone_3 is ringing i would like to have an automaticly transfer from phone_1 to phone_2.
In this way i could dial my number from phone_1 but make the call from phone_2 to phone_3.

[quote] There are plugins for Thunderbird and ADA may also still be available as is asttapi
if its Firefox there are scripts for grease-monkey that will do this.
This is right but i need the described functionality for a special app and also i am interested to learn about it.




Why ?
seems overly complicated method of making a call as as you say teh mic doesnt work on the PC anyway.



[quote=“ianplain”]Why ?
seems overly complicated method of making a call as as you say teh mic doesnt work on the PC anyway.


Like i’ve explained in my first post:

Dialing from PC but speaking from the hard phone.




Unless you give a good reason why this needs to be done, I don’t think anyone is going to put much effort into working out how to trick asterisk into doing it (in principle it can be done by getting the call to shell out and do AMI or CLI originate, but there are a lot of details to fill in for something that seems pointless. I’m not sure if later versions of Asterisk can do originate direct from the dialplan.

At the moment, it seems so contrived that it could be a school homework exercise.


Hello david55,

thank you so much, ORIGINATE did the trick.
I’ve tried it and it works fine!

That means that till now there is no way to do this via the dialplan?
Now i understand why i didn’t find anything to this in the internet.

No, it is not a school exercise, i left school 30 years ago :wink:

We are running a company with > 25 employes. In this company we are using an old DOS app for our crm and stockmanagement. In this app the phonenumbers of our customers are stored too. It would be nice to call a customer just by copy the customer phonenumber from the DOS app and paste it to a job which initiates the call.

I think to send the phonenumber to the cli should be to realize.




errrrrrrrrrrrr… which Asterisk version are you using? It is the simplest thing. You do not need to do use any BRIDGING function. Just call phone_3 from phone_1… now from phone_1 press ‘#’ for blindxtfer,this will put phone_3 on hold, and dial phone_2 number. After that phone_2 starts ringing and as soon as u pick it up it will connect phone_1 - phone_2 and disconnect phone_3.

Hope it helps…


Hello adeel2215,

thank you.

Asterisk built by buildd @ yellow on a x86_64 running Linux on 2011-07-12 21:40:24 UTC

May be i’m doing something wrong, but it seems to me that i’ve to pick up phone_3 before i’m able to put it on hold with the pound sign.
The second thing is that i’m not so fast as asterisk and so phone_3 will be ringing sometimes before i can hand-over the call to phone_2.




So we finally get a clue as to what you are doing.

As I orignally said you DO NOT need a soft phone. we have used a flash based web app to do exactly this as well as PHP versions for other customers.
It can an is done purely using AMI and ONE phone. We have one customers doing 20000+ calls a month using this exact method.

Sometimes its good to forget preconceptions

basicly all you do is copy or type number in box , click call, and your phone rings you answer and the call is established to the number you pasted



Hello ian,

Now it seems to you’re right. First the soft phone seemed to be the simplest solution.

That’s exactly what we want to do also.
Is the solution you are using for your customer a “free” solution?




ive sent you an email



hmm… Try this in your dialplan… phone_1 should dial… 8phone_2#phone_3
this will bridge phone2 and phone3 and phone1 can do a spy or hangup the call.