C preProcessor "lib/cpp" fails sanity check

Apologies in advance but i dont have much experince of asterisk (or linux) so please bare with me :smile:

I am getting the following error message when i ./configure asterisk:

As far as im aware this is an indication that i dont have the neccesary C compilers installed, but im 1005 sure they are !

im am installing (trying to) asterisk 1.4.11 on Fedora 7

What am i doing wrong?[/quote]

Do you have G++ installed ? Run “yum list g+*” (without the quotes) and post the output.

It just says:

Then returns to command prompt

I wouldn’t be able to tell you more unless I was in the box. There are other things to enable but are a bit more complicated to explain here. Try hiring some one to ssh in and look at it.

I am aware that this is an old post, but just in any case if someone else got this error I will write how I solved my problem.

The problem is that the configure script is looking for ‘limit.h’ file on a wrong location, so I created the ‘mkdir -p /usr/include/linux/’ directory first and next I have copied the ‘limit.h’ inside that newcreated directory:

‘cp /usr/include/limits.h /usr/include/linux/limits.h’.

After this I have run the ‘./configure’ again and everything went like it should.