Compiling Problems (fails sanity check)


I’m newby with Asterisk and i’m trying to install it.
I’m using Debian ( kernel linux 2.6.18 )
When i run ./confire i get this message

“configure: error C++ preoprocessor “lib/cpp” fails sanity check”

I can put the config.log but is a long file, if someone need it i’ll put it
Thanks in advance

have you installed gcc-c++ ?

Thank you for your reply. I’dont find this file in any Debian package. I installed gcc, yes. But gcc-c++?

Thanks again i found it!!!..was it :smiley: :smiley:
(Now i have problems with termcap… :smiley: ) but trying to solve it.

problems with termcap are common enough … if you search the forum you’ll find the package name(s) you need. it often turns out that you need the -dev or -devel package too.